Steps towards personal brand management

Perceptions drive behaviours. Any career psychologist would agree that you are your own brand and your success is defined by the story that you tell and the imprint it leaves on others. As with corporate brands, if you don’t give the market the story to talk about, others will define your brand’s story. This makes you lose control of your self-promotion process and places you as an afterthought rather than the foremost candidate for the opportunity.

Personal brand management, our approach, develops the story you tell to your audiences, through which they make judgments and decisions about you. This is how we do it:-

  • Our Personal Brand Marketing process starts with Personal Appreciative Inquiry: really understanding the benefits that people get from working with you at both the tangible and intangible levels.
  • To help clients develop meaningful long-term vision, we help clients to start ten year planning and to review their personal value.
  • The values that you bring with you; personal, professional and those that you integrate with the organization you work for will hold key position in placing you as a brand in the careers market.
  • We then use the strategic MBA toolkit to help clients look at market segments and ‘multipliers’, the segments where their personal capabilities make the most impact.
  • Moving into the marketing phase, the process covers go to market and channel strategies: how will people find about you, and what do you want their experience to be?
  • That flows on to the communications part: what messages and positioning do you want to use?
  • Putting the plan to work include a comprehensive review of strategies at work, personal presentation and social media outreach. Those who tell their story well, win more than having someone to hear it; they win loyalty.
  • Optionally, the programme can also involve image consultancy, with guidance on styling, colours and wardrobe.

The programmes in this section will help you identify who supports you, your values, your work and your professionalism. This will make an excellent foundation to work on in the future and to create a professional future of your liking. Also know that just as a brand can win appreciation, it can also be depreciated quite easily and to this end: our expertise offers a foolproof reputation management guide to our clients.

So who are our clients?

Our clients are not only high-profile businesspeople and successful entrepreneurial, political or social figures but include those that are starting out and those who have successfully spread their wings and would like to re-brand themselves in a specific area of expertise; and also those that have had some career misfortunes and bad luck and would like to re-align themselves in the professional market as a new and improved version of themselves. We not only offer reputation-building and management through this programme but also guides you with repair work on careers. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs who are seeking to align their businesses, services or even themselves as market leaders in their professions. Their clear goal is market segmentation in their favour and to this end their story-telling skills about themselves need serious addressing. The importance of their business plans, strategy and research into their audiences is key in this programme and visualisation techniques are used to identify their dream achievements and sifted through with reality checks for a complete road map to success in the real world.

In a nutshell

Our personal brand management process includes:-

1. The Personal Brand Marketing process
2. Personal Appreciative Inquiry
3. Ten year planning
4. Personal value and values
5. Market segments and multipliers
6. Go to market and channel strategies
7. Messages and positioning
8. Putting the plan to work.

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