Women in Business: How an MBA can accelerate your career


In 2016, men are still being paid more than women in their equivalent roles. Despite attempts to clear up the pay gap, there is still a firm divide.
It’s sad to say, but men are still being paid more than women in their equivalent roles. The difference in pay remains one of the most visible examples of the inequality women face and, in some cases, can result in women earning £300,000 less than men.
An MBA, standing for a Masters of Business Administration, can be one of the best ways of showing your worth in business. The globally-recognised qualification will demonstrate your leadership and personal development skills – helping to break down the barriers that stand in the way of women reaching their career potential.
Below we look at reasons why having an MBA will help provide you with the necessary skills to accelerate your career.
The only way is up
Data has shown that those who have an MBA to their name will be more likely to advance their career and get to where they want to be.
A survey conducted by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) found that, before joining an MBA programme, only 12.8% of respondents held a senior management role. Fast forward to after graduation, this statistic rose to show a third of all respondents now holding senior positions – with many enjoying a promotion immediately after graduation.
If you’re considering a high-earning management position, then an MBA may be the tool you need to show off your capabilities and forge ahead in your career.
Develop your leadership skills
An MBA will not only allow you to develop further skills you already possess but will also provide you with the additional knowledge you’ll need to take your career to the next level.
Throughout the duration of your MBA, you will be taught the skills needed to succeed in leadership and delegation. With this experience added to your existing wealth of knowledge, you will be ready to lead and stand out in an often male-dominated business world.
Relationships that matter
An MBA is designed for people building upon existing business experience; therefore, there is a huge potential to learn from your cohort’s experiences and create connections that may be useful throughout your career.
These relationships with like-minded individuals will be crucial to your success; not only will you be able to connect with your fellow students, but there will also be second-to-none networking opportunities and inspirational guest speakers for you to meet.
Most MBA’s will also offer an international study trip, giving you a chance to meet, connect with and learn from some of the brightest minds the business world has to offer.
Taking the risk
An MBA will give you the skills and confidence to make important business decisions, such as taking risk strategically.
By being able to analyse multiple factors, you will learn when and how to take calculated risks. By pushing you further, the course will help you become more comfortable taking chances in your career – which, in turn, will make you more self-confident.
Improve your self-confidence
A survey found that 24 percent of women believed that if they had more belief in themselves, they would be in a more senior position in their career. With an MBA, you will learn how to stand your ground and realise your potential.
As you’ll have an understanding of how to achieve successful results, coming to more assured conclusions that are backed up with a total faith in your decision-making processes.
Transferable skills
There are two main types of MBAs that you can study for. Specialised courses, which revolve around specific industries such as Finance, Digital or Health Care, offer modules that are bespoke to those wanting a career in a particular field. Those who don’t have a set path will enjoy the transferrable, non-sector specific skills offered by a General MBA.
These skills include business management, risk, negotiation, teamwork and public speaking and can be used in senior management roles in any career.
Breaking down barriers
Less than 10 percent of executive directors in some of the biggest companies are women.
While there have been major increases in female representation in boardrooms, there is still need to keep working hard to break down the barriers that are still restricting women in business. For example, a recent study found that 85 percent of CEOs admitted that gender prejudice is the main cause of the gender pay gap in business.
With an MBA, you will show that you are serious about your career and want to possess the skills and insight to break down the glass ceiling.
Take your career to the next level
Studying for an MBA is a big commitment but if you’re serious about business and improving your chances of enjoying a successful career, it may be the best decision you ever make.
Having the drive and determination to be a successful business leader will help to show potential employers that you have the right confidence and attitude to succeed in your career.
Adam Maidment is a writer for Manchester Metropolitan University, an institution that offers three specialist MBA courses; Financial Services, Digital Management, and Strategic Health and Social Care. If you want to learn further about how to choose the MBA course for you, take a look at its website.


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