• diversity_final

    How can students and employers get a cultural fit with their values and preferred working styles?

    By Evelyn Antony University students often face the struggle of balancing work alongside studies and social commitments. This is...

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  • Dimitri Raftopoulos

    What business school doesn’t prepare you for when you get that management job

    How many of you have imagined how good it would be to be a manager leading others? Once you...

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  • Saku

    Saku Tihveräinen on Personal Branding, Networking & LinkedIn

    Our friend Saku Tihveräinen, a doctoral researcher at Edinburgh and Aalto universities, just gave this invaluable presentation sharing his...

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  • Career coaching

    Should start-ups stress customer value more than survival?

    The notion that early stage businesses need to focus on solving a client problem rather than on their own...

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  • university_of_edinburgh_business_school

    Should I Use an MBA Admissions Consultant?

    Vanessa Ellingham finds that Hiring a consultant to help with your MBA applications can be worth it, for some...

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  • huntsman-hall-940x540

    5 Questions about the GMAT

    By Vanessa Ellingham on Sep 06, 2017 Why is the GMAT school such an important part of an MBA application? The...

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    Women in Business: How an MBA can accelerate your career

    In 2016, men are still being paid more than women in their equivalent roles. Despite attempts to clear up...

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    Fear Of Missing Out

    FOMO? What is FOMO? Some kind of Japanese soup? No, it is not (although I’m sure I could have...

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  • To do list

    Mindfully Managing To-Do Lists

    By Farah Govani — I love planning and I love lists; I am relishing the thought of starting a new...

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  • gianni.preview

    Guest post: How to build your Personal Brand

    Why ask me, of all people, asks Gianni Catalfamo? Jonathan is a good friend of mine who lived and worked in...

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  • Sorry

    What qualifies as an apology?

    The following is a posting in the Dartmouth College alumni group from another former student who gave permission to repost...

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    Steps towards personal brand management

    Perceptions drive behaviours. Any career psychologist would agree that you are your own brand and your success is defined...

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  • business-in-china

    Doing business with China: expect the unexpected?

    I’ve been very lucky to have worked a lot in the Far East and especially with people of Chinese...

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  • Kathleen Johnston

    12 Strategic Career Management Steps

    During my 15 years helping people with career planning, I’ve found that managers are most effective when they take...

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