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It’s very difficult to find someone, like Duncan, who can lead you through difficult choices and expose all the pros and cons in a clear way. I had a few exchanges with Duncan before hiring him: those were enough to convince me that he was the person I needed.
Results have been outstanding. I could find my way after working together for just a few days. He was able to bring together a lot of insight about trends in management consultancy, IT, CRM, big companies, and in business schools.
– Mauro, Project manager in an Italian manufacturing company.

While the quality and effectiveness of business schools around the world rise continuously, the outcomes for students vary hugely. International accreditation standards mean that schools teach increasingly similar curricula, but their students, faculty, alumni and employer networks are vastly different.

Duncan helps business schools applicants and students to progress along the path that best leads to their goals. As a MBA with a decade’s experience as an MBA admissions interviewer, and as a coach to students, at triple-accredited business schools, Duncan is an experienced guide for future business school graduates.

In an initial Quick Start one-hour consultation, we’ll clarify your career goals and see how the business school experience can best lead you forward. To schedule your call rapidly, visit to send a payment for $240 to [email protected] – and then send a follow-up email to the same address suggesting some times for your consultation.

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