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Duncan has been one of the most effective coaches I have ever engaged. Through our sessions, Duncan helped me to identify a number of objectives, and a few months later I have met with success with 100% of the ones that have come to a conclusion. Duncan’s approach integrates a lot of analysis of the options, an emphasis on ‘courting’ influential decision-makers, and smart questions: he forced me to take an honest look at my goals and to look more broadly in terms of possibility. His guidance has helped with my career development as a manager, and made a wide range of international options become more available.
– Albert, Venture analyst for a New York VC firm

More than ever, managers have to grow their own careers, whether through job rotation, mentoring,  business education, and enlarging or enriching their roles. Soft skills like communication, leadership, personal branding and self-efficacy are crucial, yet hard to develop.

Human Equity helps executives to chart a clearer road forward in their careers. When necessary, we help you use career diagnostics and business psychology tools to set firm foundations for answering difficult questions. With an award-winning career mentor at the helm, Human Equity helps you move forward quickly, and away from self-limiting beliefs.

In an hour-long session, we’ll review your career goals, focussing on the concrete issue you are facing.

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