Manage your brand

Human Equity has a unique approach to personal branding, building on long experience of measuring and increasing corporate brand equity. I’ve learn to manage myself like a brand: to focus on the value my clients see in me, and to not hide those strengths.
– Marketing communications specialist.

Human Equity’s twelve week Personal Brand Marketing process starts with Personal Appreciative Inquiry: really understanding the benefits that people get from working with you at both the tangible and intangible levels.  To help clients develop meaningful long-term vision, Human Equity helps clients to start ten year planning and to review their personal value and values. We uses the strategic business mindset to help clients look at market segments and ‘multipliers’, the segments where their personal capabilities make the most impact. Moving into the marketing phase, the process covers go to market and channel strategies: how will people find about you, and what do you want their experience to be? That flows on to the communications part: what messages and positioning do you want to use? Putting the plan to work include a comprehensive review of strategies at work, personal presentation and social media outreach.

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